Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Turn off the idiot box!

From Kate:

The Top Five...

...Movies I'm ashamed to admit I will watch if they're on TV:

  • The Wedding Planner
  • Raising Helen
  • Harry Potter movies (I really like them, but my roommate has on DVD)
  • Anything with Amanda Bynes
  • The Prince and Me

...TV Infomercials I can't change the channel away from:

  • Some exercise products
  • Ginsu knives (mostly so I can mentally make fun of them)
  • And that's it. I love TiVo.

...Products I've purchased from a TV Infomercial

  • A series of Winsor Pilates DVDs

...Odd combinations of foods I like to eat

  • Cottage cheese and peaches
  • Strawberries and marscapone cheese
  • Fried eggs and Stove Top stuffing (So this happened once, but it really hit the spot that day.)
  • Wendy's french fries dipped in a Frosty
  • Ranch dressing on a baked potato

...Lines I'm famous for

  • "Scout THIS!" (courtesy of Fran)
  • "iiiI KNOW!" (courtesy of Monica Gellar)
  • "Whatever you say, Kessler." (courtesy of Harold Green)
  • "Yes, Heidi."
  • "Sew, very old one! Sew like the wind!" (courtesy of Ned Nederlander)

...Things I do that No One should know about

  • Go to sleep with makeup on
  • Wash my laundry one day and put it away a week later
  • Read crappy teen chick lit
  • Dance when no one is watching, no matter what I'm wearing, or not wearing . . .
  • Hold onto notes from the past, from people I'm no longer in contact with

I tag anyone who cares to be tagged. :)


DeShawn Smith said...

I eat all of those except for the fried eggs and Stove Top.

No, seriously.

Really. I mean it.

The ONLY way I eat Wendy's fries is dipped in a Frosty.

Cottage cheese and peaches... We used to eat that... my mom even had a name for it--something silly like sun peeking through the clouds or something like that.

A guy I went to High School with would get spaghetti without sauce and then drench it in ranch dressing. I tried it once. ONCE.

Now I have to find some strawberries and marscapone cheese...

AmandaStretch said...

I think I did pasta and ranch once too, a day I didn't have any actual sauce in my house. Not going to happen again.

Laylabean said...

I watched The Karate Kid on TV the other day. Good times! Now my standard answer for everything is "Wax on, Wax off" and when a guy at the store invaded my personal space the other day I wanted to crane kick him (but didn't).

AmandaStretch said...

That would have been awesome!