Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

I have a problem. Everything is fun. The game was fun. Being with that group was fun. My night was fun. Anything I've enjoyed recently can be described as fun.

Sounds good, right? Not exactly. What I mean is that I can't come up with another word to describe these things. Sure, fun may be an apt description, but I say it entirely too often. For example, my personal journal entry for 28 January 2008 is about half of one side of a 5x7 page. The reason the word "fun" only appears once is because I crossed it out the second time and wrote a different sentence. 12 sentences in the entry total. I have the same problem when I'm writing letters to my family. Usually I notice by about the second or third time I'm saying it, but I really need to expand my descriptive vocabulary about enjoyable things.

Let's see what has to suggest:

amusing, boisterous, convivial, diverting, enjoyable, entertaining, good, lively, merry, pleasant, witty

I'm glad my life is convivial and entertaining so often. I just wish I could describe it better. Plus, once you think about it for too long (like I did on my way to work this morning), "fun" is a really weird word.

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