Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can watch a sunset on my own

When people find out I live alone, I usually get one of two reactions:

1 - Oh! That's awesome!


2 - Really? Why?

You know what? Because I can, and I pretty much love it.

The truth is, I've never had a really, really great roommate situation. Either they've really, very much not liked me or I've been the odd one out (or there was the time that it was both and I felt very much ganged up on). Now, the former roommates that I know read this blog know this already, so this isn't news to anyone. (Hi the Spy and the General!)

A relationship with three people is always unstable. There will almost always be two that get along better than the three together. Sometimes it changes to be a different two, but there's usually someone on the outside, sometimes only barely, sometimes way out. I was always somewhere in between. I was still friends with the roommates who didn't loathe my existence, but not as good of friends as they were with each other. It was rarely uncomfortable, just not great.

So, for a long time, I said that I would either move in with my husband or move out by myself. I'd had temporary tastes of that freedom, and I rather enjoyed it.

Lo and behold, the universe listened. I have my very own place. And I'm in love.

Sure, since I work alone and live alone, there are days that I don't talk to a single person. There's no one to come home to and share my day with. No one to distract me from my homework. No one to share their dinner with me on a day I'd rather not cook. If I want human interaction, I have to seek it out.

On the other hand, there's no one else's dishes in the sink. No one is talking while the TV is on. No one is going to walk in when I have company. No one's lurking around when I really need to be alone. I don't have to watch anything I don't want to, or subject anyone else to the weird things I like to watch or listen to. It's quiet when I want quiet, and loud when I want loud.

It's awesome.

Sure, it gets a little lonely sometimes. But it makes the time I do spend with people whose company I enjoy that much sweeter.


Giggles said...

I got almost all of reaction 2 and none of reaction 1 when I started this. Now after 7 years I don't get any reaction at all.

Nancy said...

I think you're brave. :) Personally, I think that would drive me bonkers, but if you're happy, I think it's wonderful! :)

Me said...

It's ok to not miss living with us - I love living on my own just as much as you do (and maybe more)!

raine said...

I know the feeling. I especially love the not having to eat or cook when you don't want to.

Sometimes I miss living alone.

Melissa said...

I've warred between wanting this and wanting to live with just one other person. For five years, up until recently, I lived with just one other person and rather liked it, though there have been times I've really wanted my own place. Though when my one roommate went out of town, I would always feel weird there by myself. Maybe because they were big places. Maybe I'd do just fine in a one bedroom apartment with just me.

I'm using your blog to figure this out... go figure. ;-)