Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little man, you've had a busy day

Last week, I got a phone call from my Administrative Assistant who, like everyone else in my actual department, works in a different city.

"There are some boxes coming your way, at least hopefully, that are for [Summer Program]. They should have your name and address, but are labeled with the wrong building name. Keep an eye out for them?"

Sure thing.

This morning, I email her, having received an envelope that seems to fit that description and she asks that I put it with the rest of the [Summer Program] things.

Shortly following:

Guy In The Building Whose Name I Should Probably Learn enters my office, with a few boxes that most certainly are part of the mystery boxes.

"Are these yours?"

"Sort of."

And we go out to the warehouse so I can show him where they go.

A short time later, GITBWNISPL returns.

"Um. Where did you want those again?"

We go back out to the warehouse and this time I help him put them away. You want something done right . . .

I realize I should go tell the other people from my department that are temporarily working in my building that the boxes have arrived and we don't have to worry about them. Then a New Person asks me to show him all the [Summer Program] pallets. And where we keep the coffee maker.

Done and done.

I breathe.

A Guy I Do Know But Who Is Also Not in My Department enters my office with a packing slip.

"There's a whole pallet of stuff out here. Is it yours?"

I stare blankly at the paper, looking for answers. Then, resign myself to entering the warehouse yet again to solve the mystery. Sure enough, the pallet is mine. I show him where to stash it and return to my office to make a [Summer Program] label. And back to the warehouse. And back to my office.

Admin. Asst. calls.

"Matt just emailed me and said there's stuff out there for us. Do you know Matt?"

"He might be GITBWNISPL . . ."

"I'll have him contact you."

Matt comes into my office. It's not GITBWNISPL. Relief.

"There's a whole pallet of stuff out here. Is it yours?"

"Is it what GIDKBWIANIMD showed me?"



Email to Admin. Asst.:

"I have [List of Stuff] here."

"Does it say what class it's for? I asked them to label it Amanda Stretch/[Class Name]. Did you put them by the other [Summer Program] boxes?"

Back out to the warehouse for the 85th time. I think I've been out there more today than the rest of the year.

"Yes. They say [Class Name]. But half the boxes have my name wrong. That's fun."

And then it was 2 PM.

I eat lunch.

So, if you ever wonder why my desk looks like this:

Or this:

It's because of days like today.

At least I have these little guys to keep me company.


Giggles said...

No desk is complete without funny little do-dads and creatures on it.

Nancy said...

No library is complete without a good mystery to solve and everyone involved being thoroughly confused for most of the day. :)