Friday, March 13, 2009

This is why I'm hot

Technically, this week is Spring Break for school. Considering I only spend two hours in class a week, and I'm still working (it's Spring Break there next week, but that doesn't mean anything either), not much has changed. I'm mostly just trying to catch up.

I had every intention of spending the time I'm usually in class on Thursdays on schoolwork today.

There was no way to do that when everyone had taken clever pills today. Instead of studying, I had conversations like this one.

And this one:

6:39 PM Sisterpants: i like squares
me: I prefer triangles.
What are we talking about?
6:40 PM Sisterpants: just shapes
i'm fond of the square
me: ok
I do like them.
Sisterpants: they're fun
and you can make checkers w/ them
6:41 PM me: yes you can
Sisterpants: and i like checkers
checkers is a weird word
me: Mmm. Checkers burgers.
Sisterpants: never had one
6:42 PM me: I have no idea if I have or not.
Maybe I just want a burger.
Sisterpants: fried chicken sounds good to me
good thing i'm having dinner at kfc
6:43 PM me: nice.
I shall have chicken a la king.
Again. But before 10!
Even if it tasted kind of weird.
Sisterpants: nice

Even Theater Geek got in on the cleverness action. I was reminiscing about some events about 4 years ago and it ended with a story where I didn't know how to introduce myself to a certain group of people.

Theater Geek: My answer to that is always...
And you are? Theater Geek.
me: Well, it was after that part.
Theater Geek: And you are? Happy to be here. Where's the food?
me: lol
I'll remember that for next time.
Theater Geek: And you are? Hoping for a date with the maid of honor. (you could substitute best man)
me: I like it.
Theater Geek: And you are? Incorrigible. Believe me.

That set us off for an hour. Feel free to skip the following list. I promise I didn't include all of them!

And you are? Trying not to drool, thanks.

And you are? Smokin' hot. But you already noticed that.

And you are? The designated driver. At a MORMON wedding. Guess they ran out of jobs this time.

And you are? VERY happy to see you.

And you are? Your future girlfriend.

And you are? What's your name? The future Mrs. Bob Robertson, hopefully.

And you are? Never going to forget this moment.

And you are? Suddenly, a bit weak in the knees... Could you help me to the temple? Er . . . to chair?

And you are? Not the droid you're looking for. (This one was all me. I'm rather proud of it.)

And you are? Soooo outta your league.


And you are? Hip. If I were any more hip, I wouldn't be able to see over my own pelvis. I'm so cool you could store a side of beef in me for a week..." (or any other Zaphod Beeblebrox-ism)

And you are? Wishing I were drunk, and I don't even drink.

And you are? Let's discuss what I'm NOT, shall we?

And you are? A little nauseated now, thanks.

And you are? The same person I was last time he/she got married.

And you are? About to kick your butt if you ask any more questions.

And you are? Looking for the Lipman BarMitzvah. But this will do.

And you are? More woman than you're ever going to get.

And you are? Ready to get out of here. You comin'?

And you are? Blogging THIS reception.

And you are? Totally going to Facebook stalk you after this.

And you are? Popular. I wanna be Pop-yoo-oo-lar.

And you are? The jealous ex-girlfriend. Don't worry. I don't believe in bringing guns into church buildings. I left it in the car.

And you are? WHAT?? You don't remember me? I thought we shared quite the moment in the holding area down at county lockup. storm off crying

And you are? Darn! I was hoping you would know. Amnesia. When I woke up , the only thing I found was this wedding invitation...

And you are? An independent business owner. Have you given much thought to your future? Let's talk Amway...

And you are? Going to win every argument. Sleep on the right side of the bed. And I hate vacuuming. Is that ok?

And you are? The mail-order bride you mail-ordered.
Is our wedding next?

I have such clever friends/siblings.


Giggles said...

Darn it all! I guess I just wasn't that clever today. I'll have to try again later.

AmandaStretch said...

I'm looking forward to it. :)

emily said...


me: have you ever seen real live whole cranberries in person?

monkeyface: Not live ones, I've never been to a cranberry bog.
But yes, I've seen whole, real cranberries.

me: i never have and they're so pretty i'd like to

monkeyface: Apparently you can find them in the grocery store.

me: i'll have to keep my eyes open
fyi- i make such pretty spreadsheets

monkeyface: yeah? are they pink?

me: only parts of them sometimes

monkeyface: ok :)
heh. DeShawn says seeing cranberries in person are going to cheaper than seeing The Cranberries in person.

me: true, though i think with either you probably get your money's worth

monkeyface: haha.
I'm friends/siblings with such clever people.

me: it's true