Tuesday, March 3, 2009

C'mon darlin', let's go back to bed

This is what my car looked like this morning.

This is what my pants still looked like two hours later (look closely to see how wet they still are).

This is what the floor I'm melting on looks like.

This is what I look like (I'm still cold, and my nose is still crooked).

There are maybe seven or eight people in my entire building that came in today. Schools are closed. Many things are canceled. And, yet, diehard that I am, I am at work.

At least I can play my music as loud as I want. Which I do everyday anyway.


kimmers said...

You poor thing!!! I would be tempted to hide from the world too. You are amazing for sticking through.

Jasmine said...

I heard the east coast was getting slammed this morning. I'm sorry you had to drive to work in that! Kudos for still truckin' through it all, though!

Giggles said...

And here I am melting in the heat that came too early. If it's this hot the end of February and first of March here, just how bad is July and August going to be?