Friday, March 6, 2009

My dog ate all my homework last night

As an avid library blog reader, I often only read the articles attached to headlines that interest me, and I usually relate whatever I’m reading to my current professional life. For example, I don’t own a Kindle, and don’t plan to, so anything that comes up on LISNews about them, I tend to ignore.

Yet, where my industry reading fails is journals.As a member of a handful of professional library organizations (VLA, IAM-L, MLA, ALA), I often receive a handful of newsletters and journals in the mail, but I rarely crack them open. So, this assignment, to read the latest edition of the Journal of Academic Librarianship and write a "bloggy, self-reflective coupla pages", was actually really interesting to me.

True to form, I only read the articles that were actually interesting to me, but that turned out to be more than I thought. Also true to form, I easily related it to what I’m doing professionally, and, as a blogger, I’m rather looking forward to expounding on my thoughts, and then actually publishing them on my blog (which will be found here over the next few days). In lieu of an official citation, all articles referenced can be found in the January 2009 volume of The Journal of Academic Librarianship.

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