Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lips like sugar

Things that are difficult when you can't feel the lower half of your face:

  • The letters f and p. Trying to pronounce them, however, brings endless amusement.
  • Applying lip balm. If it weren't for my rearview mirror, it could have been all over my chin instead.
  • Drinking from a water fountain. Actually, this is impossible without control of my lower lip.
  • Drinking in general. Mugs are easier than water fountains, so I still had my morning tea.
  • Kissing. So, I'm Scottish, not Irish, nor do I have any idea who I would be kissing anyway, but it's St. Patrick's Day! Should the occasion arise, it would be nice to be able to enjoy it.
With a pucker like this, who could resist?

1 comment:

Giggles said...

The kissing might be just as wet as the drinking fountain with a pucker like that.