Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still a chimp in a suit

A few more thought's about yesterday's adventure.

It didn't dawn on me until after I posted that the song lyric I was used was from a song I heard both on the way to and from the lunch. It's not like I listen to Seether on any sort of regular basis, but I guess it was yesterday's theme song. Usually, the song lyrics I choose are not so coincidental.

Ladies, if you're going to be in public, especially if you're going to be speaking in public, bras are not optional. Sorry.

When the editor of PR News first started speaking, the Father of the Roaming Gnome turned to me and mentioned that she looked really young. I agreed, but realized, knowing the age of most college graduates, that she couldn't possibly be any more than a year or maybe two younger than me, and, since she's an editor and not just an assistant or something (yay her!), she could very easily be older than I am, and holy cow! how old do I look!? It must have been the suit I was wearing. Of course, when I recounted this story today, I also mentioned my plans for the weekend (80s party tonight, grocery shopping and homework tomorrow), it was suggested that maybe it's Saturday's like mine that are aging me prematurely. Super. I'll just hold onto the weekend where a stranger thought I was 18 and a friend thought I was 30.

Finally, I'll never get tired of passing things like the Washington Monument and the Pentagon as I casually drive back to my office. DC is a great place to live.

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