Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who are you?

Sending Christmas wishes via mass text is a fast, cheap, easy, modern (albeit kind of lazy) way to tell a bunch of people all at once that you care.

Invariably, however, you find out that a couple of your friends haven't saved your number and at least one has changed their number and didn't tell you.

In rare circumstances, the random person you accidentally texted now wants to be text friends with you.

This is one such story.

This person and I discovered that we really didn't know each other and, I think, move on with our lives.

Until three hours later, when at 12:21 AM I get this text:

Random person: Hey whats up

two minutes later

Random person: Text back!?!?

Me: Not much. I thought we decided we don't know each other.

RP: Yeah so we could still be friends even he we both don't know each other

Me: (convinced this some naive teenage kid) I don't even know your name or how old you are.

RP: My name is kelsie. How old are you?

Me: 24.

RP: Yeah right send me a picture of you?!?

Me: (even more convinced) How old are you?

RP: Sixteen

Me: Yeah, I don't think we should be friends. Sorry.


I decided that was strange. And then I went to sleep.

For about 5 minutes.

RP: Send me a picture of you

*sends a random picture from June*

RP: Wow

Wow what? Wow I don't look my age? Wow I do? Wow I'm hot? Who knows? I decided I didn't care and I went back to sleep, figuring I'd never hear from this girl again.

I thought wrong. Three days later.

RP: Hey whats up

Me: Just getting home (failing to mention that home is 2000 miles away from wherever she thinks I am). I thought we decided we couldn't be friends.

RP: Why

Me: (Is she daft?) Because I'm 24 and your 16 and it isn't appropriate. (Do your parents know you're texting some random stranger?)

RP: I'm not 16 ok

Me: (Feeling dramatic, tired, and completely annoyed.) Then you lied to me and I can't trust you. I can't be friends with people I don't trust.

RP: Just shut up and let me go.

Me: (Nice. A Ting Tings reference. At least she has good taste in music.) STOP TEXTING ME.


I'm too nice sometimes. I probably shouldn't have indulged her to begin with.


Giggles said...

You do have their number now. You could start calling in different voices and leave voice messages. You could call "grandma" and tell her you're sorry but the dog died. Or you can "drunk" call your boyfriend and tell him how much you love him but you slept with his brother. There's no telling how much fun you could have now!

Jasmine said...

Seriously, RP, take a hint!! Maybe she's just desperate for human contact. :( Sad.....

Melissa said...

LOL!! That's hilarious... first because I had the same thing happen to me with one friend's number, but luckily it didn't go beyond "this isn't so-n-so" and "my apologies". Second because the exchange is just great...