Sunday, January 4, 2009

I will go! I will DO!

My dad says that a goal not written is simply a wish. I also think that they should be shared with someone, so that you'll have some extrinsic motivation to complete them.

So, without further adieu, here are my goals for 2009.

  • Learn how to rock climb
  • Go to the gym 3-4 days a week
  • Read 26 non-fiction books, in alphabetical order by subject. First up - Anthropology!
  • Scripture journal every day
  • Blog weekly on my gratitude blog
  • Organize my things (What good is a desk if I can't use it, as there is too much clutter on it?)
  • Learn how to knit, and then give someone something I knitted for Christmas
  • Graduate
  • Finish the project I was hired for by the time I said I would

Happy 2009!


Heidi said...

I find the Body Farm endlessly fascinating! Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to read this book! I will get that and "Stiff" next time I'm at the library. :)

Giggles said...

Those goals look like 2009 should be an exciting year for you. Good luck!

chosha said...

If you haven't already read it, I highly recommend Oliver Sacks' 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat', one of the most interesting non-fiction books I've ever read. It would under N for Neurology (or if you're eager, B for Brains).


AmandaStretch said...

Heidi - I'm loving this book. It's technical, but approachable.

Giggles - Thanks!!

Chosha - It's now on my list! Thanks!

kimmers said...

I love your choice to read something Anthropological. Forensic Anth is really interesting. Let me know if that book is good. I might have to try it out if it is. :)

Doreen said...

You're really appealing to the librarian side of me with an alphabetical choice of topic. What pretell will you use for "X"?

AmandaStretch said...

Kimmers - I think you will love this book.

Doreen - I have NO idea.