Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh I believe in yesterday

Since 2008 was the first full year of The Book Guardian, I thought this meme from Chosha would be fun.

The rules for the meme: Take the first line from the first post of every month for the last year, and post them together as a kind of cross-section of what you were blogging about during the year. Remember to link to all the posts you are excerpting.

January - What an amazing trip! J'adore Paris!

Bragging about my trip to Paris. Man that was a good trip.

February - I almost posted this morning about why I'm so affected by the January blahs.

Then I remembered it was February, and February = happy times.

March - I've been singing all my life.

Oddly enough, a post about my life as a drummer.

April - I thought I'd never been to Florida before, and upon my arrival in Orlando, I remarked this to my mother.

I went to Florida, but didn't sleep in a dresser drawer. This time.

May - When I read a book, I always picture the action, the people, the settings, etc.

A discussion post that no one responded. Alas.

June - I apologize in retrospect for my recent silence and boring-ness.

Another post about yet another trip. This time to Utah. With tornadoes.

July - I feel like I'm singing constantly.

This one actually is about me singing. Sort of.

August - A little meme from Eilonwy.

Avoiding working on my term project.

September - I'm a planner.

Evidence that I am a Type A personality.

October - Nancy posted a blog that challenges the blogger (that would be me) to disclose 6 "unspectacular" quirks about yourself.

The hardest part of this post was finding a title.

November - My favorite, well, only, Australian reader, Chosha, suggested the song I will be pulling this month's blog titles from.

Hey! Chosha wins the most mentions in this post! And I post some good news.

December - I survived the trip home.

Yet another post about yet another trip. New York. And I don't like certain Christmas songs.

So that's 2008 in a nutshell. Music and travel. And a couple other things. I feel pretty good about it.


Giggles said...

That's a fun post!

chosha said...

I just caught up on two of those posts that I missed before.

I wanna meet Taylor, the Latte Boy! :)