Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Three is a magic number

I have three things to post about today.

One - A slight retraction. The brilliant Reimsy reminded me that the X is used as a symbol for Christ, hence the abbreviation. So, I guess my offense should be directed at those who abbreviate thinking that they're just saving time instead of those who did it with Christ in mind. Since I will generally not know which one they meant, I'll just have to be less judgemental.

Second -

cash advance

I think that's appropriate. I have no idea what the criteria is, but I'll take it.

Third - My contest is still open. I do have one entrant, but since not all of his answers are right, I'm hoping he'll get a little competition. So enter! What are you waiting for?

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DeShawn Smith said...

My blog is Junior High level. Maybe it's because I know that my Junior High-aged son is probably my most avid reader. Or maybe I'm a level below Sophomoric.


It's good enough for me!