Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmastime is here, happiness and cheer!

For me, Christmas shouldn't start until after Thanksgiving. After a big turkey dinner is when the music can come on, the decorations can go up, and the shopping can begin. (Really, I enjoy last minute shopping sometimes.)

Unfortunately, between finals, being sick, the lack of snow, and having no family around, I wasn't feeling very festive yet.

Today, 75% of that has changed! Finals are done, I'm feeling much better, and there's even a smattering of snow!

What I found on my car today:

What it looks like now, at work, still snowing:

I still won't see any family for a couple more weeks, so I'll have to wait on that.

My "family" and I did put up the Christmas tree for FHE this week, however, so my house looks much better. Saturday morning, my roommates and I went to the Naughty Pine Plantation to cut down our own tree. Yes, I chose it for the name. We found a beautiful tree, cut it down ourselves, and they took a Polaroid to commemorate the occasion. Once we got it home, we put it in a bucket of water. I was sure that I had a tree stand and Jane insisted she had a hack saw to even out the trunk.

Fast forward to Monday. Our "family" is coming over within twenty minutes, and Jane brings down this saw that my kitchen knives could take in a fight. So, that's a no go. Then, I realize that my Christmas stand is probably in my bedroom closet IN MY PARENT'S HOUSE! I even called my brother to confirm, and I was right. Useful? Not so much.

So I ran out of the house and to the friendly neighborhood CVS and made them open a box for me to get a tree stand they hadn't even stocked yet. Now I own two. Super! I made it back before anyone arrived, and since it was the suspension kind of stand, we decided not to even it off. Problem solved! We had a low turnout, but the tree looks great. The others apparently got a little bored, because I still have a third of my ornaments in my box that I'll put up tonight. Imagine that there are a few more on my tree.
I also finally put up the wall cubbies I got for my birthday . . . seven months ago . . . Perfect place for the Nativity! (And the ugly angel that was my first tree-topper.)

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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