Sunday, December 9, 2007

Here in my car, I feel safest of all

The last 36 hours has been rather eventful for my car and me. Back in July, the day after the release of Harry Potter 7, I had a flat tire. That was an adventure of its own, but the spare was put on and I promptly forgot about it. (Bad I know. Let's look past that.) Yesterday, one of the guys in my work building pointed out that the tire was low, and recommended that I get it taken care of before I get stranded in the nasty weather we were having. After work I took myself to the Sears Auto Center and convinced the poor mechanic eating for the first time all day to help me out. I spent a good hour wandering the adjoining store. Two tires later I was finally on my way to picking up Reimsy and heading into the city for a party.
All was well until I got directions to the major road I needed from the hostess and was headed home. Unfortunately, her directions were to turn right on New York Ave (US-50) instead of the left I needed. Even more unfortunate was the fact that every other street in the surrounding Southeast DC is unsafe and there was no convenient place for a U-Turn. All I could do was drive to the side of the city opposite the one I needed and drive all the way around half the Beltway to get home. Not the most ideal of situations at 11:30 PM, or ever really, but I finally made it home.

Another quick story for my car's past - the dome light started acting up and wouldn't turn off when it was supposed to, so I just slid the control into the permanently off position. Over the last few months, I've gotten used to not being able to see in my car at night when I park.

Tonight, that all changed. I arrived in my lot, parked, took my key out of the ignition, and the dome light turned on! I sat, amazed, for a good ten seconds. It even turned off when I locked it, just like it should, except that it's still supposedly set to off. I think it might be possessed.

Despite all the randomness with my car, wandering around whilst waiting for a tire change allowed me to find these:

Now, I'm all in favor of Christmas decorations. I understand light bears, penguins, and deer. But a frog and a dolphin!?!? Seriously.


Fran said...

Dolphin frog, dolphin frog, leaping on my lawn!
Oh what fun it was to find some more useless decor, oh!
Dolphin frog, dolphin frog, lit up on my lawn!
Oh what joy to know that now St. Nick can find my door!

I was down at the Sears
To get some brand new tires,
I wandered through the store
To kill a little time.
And then I found this aisle
All full of useless crap.
I wondered to who to smack for it,
And I began to whine:

Tacky things, tacky things, tacky things for sale!
Why on earth would someone buy a lit-up sort of whale? Oh!
There's a frog, there's a frog, who's wearing Santa's hat!
I want to hunt, and find, and slap whoever thought of that!

And you KNOW, given enough time and lack of sleep, that I could go on for days.

Fran said...

Ok, let's be honest. "A lit-up sort of whale" makes me laugh really hard.

AmandaStretch said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! THAT is classic. *wiping tears*

DeShawn Smith said...

Ok... Now Fran, that was FREAKING HILARIOUS!!

Giggles said...

I love it Fran.