Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's been a long day, always, ain't that right

I should have known that the day was out to get me within the first five minutes. My contact solution is the kind has to neutralize over six hours, and has all sorts of warnings of not getting it in direct contacts with your eyes. The spout itself is red. I've been very good about rinsing with saline solution and going about my merry way.

Until this morning. I was so tired and not paying attention, that I rinsed with the special solution and put my right contact in. My eye burned worse than it did with the peppers. After doubling over in surprise, I tried peeling my eye open to remove the offending contact and rinsing with water and eye drops. When I opened it enough to actually look at it, it was swollen and very, very red. I went back to bed for twenty more minutes. If I don't go blind by the end of the year, simply because my eye care failings, it will be a miracle.

Work today was actually pretty good. Except that I was there until 9 PM. I'm never stayed at this job that late, nor do I think I've ever stayed four hours past my scheduled time at any job unless I was covering for someone. However, I had one of my very rare deadlines, and I was going to get the project done in time. I did! Hooray!

Unfortunately, I did take a 30 minute break to take a midterm I could have done better on. I didn't fail or anything, but it wasn't my best work. I also had to take a flashlight into the depths of the warehouse as I wasn't sure where the light switch was. That was a little creepy.

I also cut my finger so badly on a brad on an envelope (seriously? a brad? come on!) that it bled down my hand. That was fun.

All things considered, it wasn't a bad day. Just very long. And klutzy. That's the second day in a row I've gotten blood on a white article of clothing. I am actually rather pleased at myself about finishing that project. I also really enjoyed listening to lecture on ethics that my professor recommended, and I love my friends and sister.

So my life is still good. And I haven't bled to death yet.


Fran said...

Your spit will get your blood out. Same enzymes, you know. Barring that, there's always our good friend hydrogen peroxide. I'm glad your day wasn't hideous, and I'm glad you called. :)

Smashie Smasherton said...

I'll be at work until 9pm tonight, so I understand your pain.