Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Never Trust a Friend With Scissors

Ah Conference Weekend, how I love thee. It's a chance to go to church meetings in pajamas, do craft projects, and hear and learn from some wonderful talks. For the LDS singles scene, it's also a good party weekend. I had a delicious breakfast mid-session with my roommates and their friends on Saturday, and a great Girl's Night that evening. Sunday, I enjoyed waffles before the morning session, fondue in between, and babysitting the cutest little boy afterwards. (Okay, so the cute little boy had nothing to do with it, but he's still cute!)


Told ya so. (My apologies for the pixelation.)

Unfortunately, I got a little carried away. At Girl's Night, one of my friends decided she wanted another of our friends to cut her hair. The ends were pretty raggedy, so she handed the very standard issue scissors to the other girl and said "Cut it as short as you want."

Even the "hairstylist" admitted that it ended up shorter than she planned, but between her efforts and those of another girl in our group, it ended up look really cute. Plus, the guinea pig has very curly hair and it's quite forgiving of unevennesss.

I'd been thinking that I needed to trim at least my bangs. They were last cut to be long and side-swept and were super cute. Granted, I paid a lot more for them and a color from a real stylist. I sort of described them to our impromptu stylist and trusted her.

No offense to my "stylist", but that was not the smartest move ever. Thank goodness I wasn't offering the rest of my hair to her - I'm very careful about that, and proud of it's current length and excellent condition. Unfortunately, according to my current hair style, it's 1990.
They just dried that way this morning, all on their own. Nice and poofy. They're too short to flatiron. I'll have to steer clear of Laura Ashley prints and green eyeshadow, so at least most of me looks like I belong in 2007.

I also hope they grow out really, really fast.

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