Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I just added a new link (and a few new people) to my sidebar. They are all worth checking out. If you have a blog and want to be added to my blogroll, let me know! On to the real point of this entry:

A few stats:

  • Worldwide, breast cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death
  • In 2005, breast cancer caused 502,000 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 1% of all deaths) worldwide.
  • Among women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death.
  • In the United States, breast cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer and colon cancer)
  • In 2007, breast cancer is expected to cause 40,910 deaths (7% of cancer deaths; almost 2% of all deaths) in the U.S.
  • Among women in the U.S., breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second- most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer).
  • Women in the U.S. have a 1 in 8 lifetime chance of developing invasive breast cancer and a 1 in 33 chance of breast cancer causing their death.
  • Because the breast is composed of identical tissues in males and females, breast cancer also occurs in males, though it is less common.
Obviously, this is a big deal. There a lot of issues and problems and things to be concerned about in the world, and I don't intend to blog about all of them. But there is something you can do! Being aware of this killer is one of the first steps towards a solution. Early detection is key, and chances are you and I will know many people affected by this. So - spread the word! Do self-examinations! Get mammograms as often as prescribed for your situation!

Some resources:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Breast Cancer

And, finally, click on the following link everyday! The number of times that this site is clicked on is added up and donations are made accordingly to pay for a mammogram for an underprivileged woman. This is real, so do it!

Click to Give Free Mammograms!

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