Saturday, August 4, 2007

In case you were wondering

We still don't have AC. Apparently they have to order the unit from Richmond (about three hours away), and the soonest they can get it is tomorrow. After yesterday's fun times, Megan informed our landlord and he called the company to give them what-for. Today, he installed a window AC unit so that at least our main level is bearable, which it is.

I noticed this even more as I was walking upstairs to my bedroom and seriously hit a wall of heat. This will be even less fun when I employ the use of my blowdryer in about twenty minutes. It is entirely likely that I will take that operation downstairs so as not to melt before I go out tonight.

Here's hoping!


Konfusion with a K said...

hey!! i'm glad you found me! question - how did you get that song clip thing on your blog? (totally not tech-savvy) lol. hope you're doing well and i hope you don't die tonight of heat!!!! :(

AmandaStretch said...

Go to the bottom of my page and you'll see the widget. It has a place where you can "Get this!" or something. It will take you to the website where you can add this particular song, or it will show you how to add one of your own choosing. It's fun!

Last night, I slept on my bedroom floor, directly underneath my ceiling fan. That sort of helped. Tonight, I'm going to sleep on my futon in my living room, because this is ridiculous.

See you soon!

Giggles said...

Kind of makes you wonder how people lived for all those centuries wearing the really big dresses and no air conditioning at all.

Kind of makes me glad I'm not one of those people that lived then.

AmandaStretch said...

I totally wondered that too! I decided that if everyone was sweaty and gross, no one could care.