Friday, August 3, 2007

12 Days Ago . . .

Our townhome's AC unit died. We thought it was a little extra warm for a couple of days, then we realized that there was absolutely no cool air anywhere in our house. Super great! Megan finally called an AC company and they came to check it out on Monday. It was discovered that we needed a totally new AC unit. No problem, they said. They'd be back on Wednesday.

Wednesday comes - "Oh. Oops. We can't get in to install the unit without moving the washer/dryer combo, and we're not going to move it ourselves because of liability." That would have been useful to know on Monday. Megan calls our landlord, AKA her brother-in-law, and he comes and moves it Wednesday night so the AC guys can come back Thursday morning.

This morning - "Oh. Oops. We brought the wrong size unit. We'll be back again tomorrow." Again, measurements would have been useful on MONDAY! Will they really have the right unit tomorrow? Do they realize that it's the end of July/beginning of August, which equals lots o' humidity and high 90s temperatures? Who knows!?

In the meantime, we're dying. Luckily for me, I've been able to escape the heat by going to work and rehearsal all week. When I have been home, including now, I don't wear very much, take quick showers, and generally don't do anything. Simple tasks such as makeup application and dishwasher emptying have caused me to break a sweat. Ugh. It wasn't particularly helpful when one of my roommates decided to bake with the oven and cook stovetop last night. I wasn't annoyed for too long, but it did get noticeably hotter for a little bit. It's way too hot to sleep comfortably, which is one reason I'm posting this after midnight.

Jane, however, has not been so fortunate. She suffered a concussion on Monday when we were helping some of my friends move (something fell out of the closet onto her head), and hasn't felt up to going to work since Tuesday. Simply walking out to our mailbox caused nausea today. She's been in touch with and seen her doctor, and is going to the neurologist tomorrow. However, in the meantime, she's been stuck in the house all week. Tank tops and linen pants have been her comfort clothing of choice as she sits by an open window that very occasionally has a breeze.

I'm actually sweating (the backs of my knees) just sitting here on my bedroom floor typing this. I no longer have the laptop on my lap, because that was oppressive. And it was 11:30 PM!! I don't mind the heat when I'm outside doing something. I may complain a little, but I expect it. I do not expect to be sweltering when it's after midnight and I should be sleeping.

*sigh* Let's just pray that these guys get it right tomorrow. On the bright side, our utility bill for July should be just a wee bit lower. And that, my friends, is good news.

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Nancy said...

No fun! I hope it gets fixed soon.