Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Today's Visitor

As I've discussed before, working alone does have its perks. I don't even get visitors very often.

I finally had a visitor a few minutes ago. I was just minding my own business when I glanced over to my left, and saw him.

And I suddenly wished I had someone else in the office with me.
Seeing how big it was, I decided this was going to involve a shoe and lots of paper towels. (I won't smush or bother insects outside, but inside is my turf.) I did have the presence of mind to take a picture first, since it would make a great blog post. Though as I was taking the first one I thought "Oh shoot. The spider's going to hear my camera go off and attack me!" So, I pulled my camera/phone away as it was taking the picture. My visitor didn't budge, so I took a deep breath and tried again. This one took, so I put my phone down, pulled off my shoe, and smashed him. Twice.
Then I grabbed a handful of napkins from my desk drawer and disposed of my visitor in my trashcan. It was about this time that I really wanted to throw up, but I didn't.
I am so brave.
I just hope he didn't invite any of his friends.


Heidi Cochran said...

I'd almost say it's a hobo spider, but they're native to the Western US, where I am, so I'm going for wolf spider. Possibly a Carolina wolf. If they really freak you out (like they would ME), I'd get to the store and buy some of those plug-in insect repellers. They're about $20 for a set of 6, and they've kept our house remarkably free of the creepies.

gah. *shudder* Is it weird that I know so much about spiders and I'm very very afraid of them?

Giggles said...

You are definitely odd. When I see a large spider my first thought is not to blog about it or take a picture of it. My first thought is where is the nearest smooth bottomed shoe.

AmandaStretch said...

Oh no worries. Technically, the shoe was my first thought. I had taken my shoe off before I decided to grab my camera. If he had moved at all during the process, the shoe was ready.

Nancy said...

I'm not sure I'd like that kind of visitor.