Monday, November 6, 2017

You and me, but mostly me!

Blake and I see "we" a lot. We're a team, after all. We went to law school. We're in the Navy. We live in Japan. (Okay, that last one is obvious). We can argue about the circumstances under which saying "we" is appropriate another time. My point in telling you this is that when Blake said "we won!" in regards to a contest for which I had done the work, I surprised myself by quickly taking more of the credit and quoting The Book of Mormon musical in the process, two things I don't normally do. My response was the title of our blog today - "You and me, but mostly me!"

So, what did we win? Second place in the Ikego Best Halloween Decorated Tower Balcony contest!
We got the results tonight - a fancy plaque and $75 in MWR gift certificates!

Because of the timing of our move last year, we practically had to skip Halloween. We dressed as Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect for the church party, because we could do so with clothes from our suitcases.

This year, I had some time to decorate our place and put together more complicated costumes, and I had a blast doing so.

The Dread Pirate Roberts, Princess Buttercup, and an R.O.U.S.!

Some friends of ours (with the same first names!) had the same idea this year, so we embraced it and went to our parties together.

I actually decorated the balcony twice. I had it all up and ready to go, but then we had a couple of typhoons come through and it was advised we take everything inside. So, in order, I decorated the balcony, took everything down, submitted my name and balcony into the contest, and then finally decorated again!

To be fair, Blake does do the work that affords me the time and money to do things like this and it is his balcony too, so I'm actually good with calling it a team effort after all. Hopefully, I can find something we can do together to spend our gift certificates on!

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Giggles said...

You got a plaque even!

I do the plans and the carry through. Brett provides the funds. It's how we do pretty much everything. It works.