Friday, November 10, 2017

I told them I don't work at Costco or Sam's Club

Back in DC, Blake and I loved our Costco dates. We'd stock up on dog food or flour or whatever, try samples, and top it off with a cheap hot dog and some Pepsi. The Costco south of us, with better parking than the one to the north, also had fries and we'd split an order. Sometimes we would even splurge on some frozen yogurt. Tasty, simple, and inexpensive. My grandparents frequently enjoyed Costco dates themselves, even after almost 60 years of marriage. So, we're just following their excellent example.

Unfortunately, without a car, Costco has become less of a routine for us. We decided that the only thing we need from there while we live here is dog food (which would be inconvenient on the train no matter where we get it), and a Costco-sized bag lasts about five weeks. So, every 5-10 weeks, I get to ask a friend for a ride (or just ask them to pick it up for me). Occasionally, a friend going there will ask me if I need anything, saving me the trouble. If I go with them, I get a couple hours of friend time, a couple of bags of dog food, and whatever else happens to appeal to me while we're there. I went about two weeks ago with a friend and got three bags of food, so we're probably good until at least January.

But because I always run this errand while Blake is at work, he hadn't been. It's his Costco membership I married into (though I got my own card eventually), and it used to be his primary source of dinner when he was living on peanuts and had one practically in his backyard, so he actually kind of missed it. So, with a day off for Veteran's Day, we made Costco our adventure today to pick up our photos for our Christmas cards (which look awesome), have a hot dog, and really explore what Japanese Costco has to offer.
Costco cafe - the matcha ice cream is new. Oh hey, I'm in this photo. Blake took it, and I honestly just noticed my presence.

Sesame seeds!

Instead of a chicken alfredo bake, we have a bulgogi bake.

Everyone at the cafe just lines their carts up so neatly.

The grooves in the wheels lock the cart in place on the escalator treads.

Better than any grocery store sushi you'd find in the States, especially for only $25.

Curry pan!

Filled pancakes! I should try these.

A Costco-sized tub of miso for soup

Miso soup mix

Nori (seaweed)

So much nori

Our nieces really like this dried ramen snack. This was quite a lot of it.

The escalator up to parking.
Since we went by ourselves, we took the train, which allowed us to try a new to us line, which just added to the fun today. The other two lines we take the most (Keikyu and JR) also have mascots and the occasional themed train or promotional items, but this line (Kanazawa Seaside Line) had way more!
Drinks, snacks, promotional items

Train pass card holder, available in the vending machine.

Drinks and snacks
Themed water bottle
At the stop for an aquarium and amusement park
A little community library. The sign reads: "These are everyone's books. Read them and return them when you are done. If there are books you don't need you can place them here."

All in all, a rather simple adventure date, but an adventure nonetheless. And just like our other more traditional adventures, I picked up a Seaside Line keychain at the train station office!

Elevated train = lovely view

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