Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I got so much paper I just spend it like it's nothin'

Last night was our weekly Family Home Evening (I wrote about how it works for us and why we do it back in 2013). Well, sort of weekly. We try, but things come up. If we don't have a formal activity that opens with a song and a prayer, we're usually still doing something together and the family togetherness is the most important part.

This week, we kept it pretty simple. We talked about an Ensign article I'd read earlier in the day and then tried our hands at the traditional Japanese handicraft of origami whilst drinking arctic white chocolate hot cocoa. Now, I can make origami rabbits with my eyes closed. But dinosaurs? That's going to take a little more practice.
It's supposed to be a triceratops (the background came with the kit!). After we took this photo, I figured out how to make the body a little longer, but then it wouldn't stand up anymore. So, if dinosaur means terrible lizard, I think we accomplished it!

Fortunately, this kit comes with ten more dinosaurs we can try. Fittingly, we just watched Jurassic World, so it's been a bit of dinosaur themed week already. (Speaking of situationally appropriate clothing, can we talk about how ridiculous it is that Bryce Dallas Howard wears heels running from all of those dinosaurs throughout the entire movie!? I knew about this going in, and I was still flabbergasted.)

Even if origami does not become a shared artistic love for the rest of our lives and I am only ever good at rabbits, at least we did it together! And if anyone wants origami kits for their own FHEs, I can help you out with that. 


Giggles said...

Those are impressive dinosaurs! I'm real good with index card frogs and a few other things. Nothing as cool as dinosaurs though. And I love the terrible lizard joke.

AmandaStretch said...

These papers came with a guide and pre-printed lines and there is no way I could recreate them without it yet.