Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He's got the whole world in his hands

I've recently been teased for having a bag so big I couldn't find my keys (guilty) and both Laylabean and Bridget have asked "What's in your purse?", so I decided to play along.  Here's what was in my purse yesterday.

Glasses case (Brown case - for regular glasses that currently in my bathroom, black case for computer glasses that are currently on my face)
Orthotics (So I could wear them with my "custard shoes" that live at work)
Bike gloves (I use them as my weightlifting gloves)
Oil absorbing sheets
Socks (Also so I could wear them with my "custard shoes")
Travel toothbrush
Sunglasses (Not the pair I like, which are in the car)
Change purse
Stub from said paycheck
Envelope for said paycheck
Gym card
Two lipsticks (same color, natch)
Nail buffer
Nail polish
Church program (at least it was from this most recent Sunday)
Exercise band (I've won three of these from school district's fitness competition, don't know that I need three)
"Thor" ticket stub
Used tissues (gross)
iPod arm band
Nail clippers
Three pens
Grocery receipt
$4 (not in my wallet)
77 cents (not in my change purse)

Fortunately, I've now thrown away the garbage, put the dinero in their respective carrying cases, and the socks and orthotics are at home, since I don't work at the custard shop until Saturday.

Still, maybe it's time to downsize again.

Oh, and my keys are not in my purse. At least this time.

What's in your bag/purse?


Myrna said...

You work at a custard shop? Did I know this?

Jocelyn said...

This reminds me of
The Burning House

My purse currently has V-8, a bottle of honey, an Ensign, sage, and the usual suspects.

Giggles said...

Coming. I don't have a daily purse. Instead I put my wallet and phone in whatever bag I feel like grabbing. But I do have my big ol' school bag. It's a lot of stuff. I'll post about it this coming week.

And then I'll come comment here again!!

Janet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laylabean said...

Whoo-hoo! You definitely have me beat for the amount of stuff you're carrying around. Thanks for playing along!

BTW, that deleted comment up there is me. I was logged in to the wrong account. Oops.