Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movin' Right Along

Things that are not really working for me today:

  • It's a school snow day, but not an admin snow day, so I had to skate to my car and come to work.
  • As much as I enjoy my work, it's not the tropical respite of The Jungle in the Botanical Gardens, where I was just yesterday.
  • I have a tiny hint of a cold, just enough to keep me on the edge of my seat about it.
  • I have yet to talk to another human being in person, besides the coworker who just yelled to me that he was leaving.
  • I'm poor.
  • My garbage here at work hasn't been emptied in a week.

Things that ARE working for me today:

  • Only three more days until the weekend.
  • I do get to have dinner with the lovely JoBeth.
  • I just had two Oreos.
  • I created a bouncy new Pandora station, even if it still needs tweaking.
  • I didn't fall on the ice.
  • I got my car back from the shop on Saturday, so I had my nice ice scraper for this morning. No idea what I would have done if I were still in the rental.
  • I'm wearing my favorite duster.
  • Tea is good.
  • My garbage just got emptied.
  • I got to email with Sisterpants.
  • I had a really great weekend, and it's still making me smile.

So you know what? All said - a good day.

1 comment:

Roger and LeAnn said...

Smiled at your thoughts and enjoyed the video. Who doesn't enjoy those two characters.
Blessings to you! LeAnn