Friday, January 28, 2011

And I said hey what's going on

"What's up?"

Functional idiom or outdated nonsensical greeting?

Most of the time I go for the latter. If someone greets me with a question but really just mean "Hi" or "Hello" instead of actually asking me "What's up?" or "How's it going?", why not just say hi in the first place? It's shorter anyway and doesn't necessarily start a conversation you don't want to be a part of.

I even had this conversation recently, when a friend I was on my way to meet called me. Remember, HE called ME.

Me: Hello?
Friend: Hey. What's up?
Me: iiiiI'm on my way to meet you for dinner?

I was so confused. Turned out he was calling to give me the heads up that he might be late because of traffic. That's totally fine, but why not just jump right into that?

Then there's this:

And all variations of that commercial and everything it spawned in real life that resurfaces every now and again. It's done. Done, I say.

Now, I will permit instances like this:

Because it really is a cool sign.

Also, when it's really a question, that's okay too.

Me: Hey Mom!
Mom: Hi Panda! What's up?

But all other instances? I'm done with them, unless you have a good case why I should permit their existence?


pilmer said...

i called my friend (whose name is also amanda) panda when she called me yesterday. it was an instinctual reaction to seeing amanda on my caller i.d.

also, what's up in indonesian is apa kapbarr(slight bounce roll on the rr). it means: what's news? i like that more than what's up.

Becky said...

Just caught up on your blog and completely enjoyed it! Thanks for all your great insight! I especially enjoyed the Silent Night post. You're awesome!

snack said...

this comic was written for you:


Giggles said...

My typical answer to that question is "Me." Because I'm obviously up if I'm talking to them.

Languages are living breathing things, but just like living breathing people, they sometimes do stupid things.

AmandaStretch said...

Becky and snack - Thanks!!

Broface - Maybe you should just put me in your phone as "Panda". I think that's what I am in Mom and Dad's phone. :D

Giggles - I often say dumb things like "the ceiling" or "the sky". Agreed about the stupid things. :)