Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Move, move (if you wanna)

My one and only official New Year's Goal/Resolution is this: 7,800 minutes of cardio exercise in 2011.

It doesn't matter if it's swimming, yoga, walking, jogging, rock climbing, dancing, or whatever. As long as it gets my heart pumping and my body moving, it counts! It breaks down to 30 minutes five times a week, which is the minimum recommendation anyway and totally doable.  This should lead to some other good things: lose weight, get healthier, move more, feel better, etc. There is a tracker at the bottom of this blog that will help us keep track of my progress!

Ideally, I'll be doing a lot of this exercise before work. I don't work until 9:30 AM anyway, so I have the time. I just have to get out of bed. There are a lot of perks to pre-work workouts - I feel better all day. It's done and I don't have to try to figure out when I'm going to eat if I want to work out and do whatever evening activity I have planned. I'll sleep better, both because I'm working out consistently and I'm going to bed at a decent hour if I want to get up to work out.

I started this morning. After a rough night of sleep (something about messing up my sleep schedule in December anyway and then screwing it up all over again this last weekend combined with the anxiety that comes with setting one's alarm 2 hours earlier than I usually get up), the alarm went off at 6:45 AM and I eventually got out of bed around 7:30. I was moving too slowly to get to the gym and back, so instead I took a two mile walk up and down my street. I was cold and tired, but I did it and I'm feeling good! Hooray!

Of course there are other goals and plans I have for this year, but they aren't official resolutions. For example, I WILL finish my non-fiction book challenge, find a new job, more diligently study the scriptures, and so on. I am also striving for better fiscal responsibility.

I also continuing my efforts to eat and drink healthier. I finally acquired a new giant water bottle, my fourth, since they keep dying on me.  I drank it all by 5 PM today, and I went to the little girl's room at least once an hour as a result.  Worth it.

Unfortunately, I may have done a bad food thing already today. I think I ate someone else's lunch. There isn't much in the freezer at work to begin with, and I stashed a couple of Lean Pockets in there this morning. (Not my favorite lunch food, but I didn't get a chance to make my usual lunch and they're better/cheaper than fast food.) I didn't even think about it when I grabbed a box out for lunch this afternoon. It was a mismatched pair, and I was pretty sure one was ham & cheese and one was pizza, which is at least similar to what I ended up eating, now that I think about it. I thought the one tasted more like turkey than ham & cheese, but you never know with frozen lunch foods anyway.

But then I refilled my water bottle to put in the freezer and as I opened it, I spotted the box I'd actually brought with me right where I now remember leaving it.


I feel like such a jerk. Whose lunch did I eat?  Who else brings mismatched Lean Pockets?  Did someone find their lunch eaten (who was eating lunch after 1 PM, I don't know, since most people here take lunch around 11) and complain to their cubiclemates?

Without a clue, I left a note in the freezer.

It has occurred to me that it may just be mine anyway. I've been known to leave things in the fridge or freezer when my lunch plans change, and does anyone else I work with prefer to mismatch their Lean Pockets?  I guess we'll find out if anyone comes forward in the next few days!

Regardless, here's to a healthier and less-lunch stealing 2011!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Except 30 minutes, 5 times a day is the minimum requirement? Ugh to the UGH

Giggles said...

Have you checked out mapmyrun.com? I originally started using the site to figure out how long all the routes around the neighborhood I run are. But then I figured out I could log in and store the routes and keep track of my daily exercise. You can track miles for walking, swimming, cycling, running, hiking; indoors and out. It's fun to see the miles add up each week and see if I'm improving over the past week or not.

Good luck with your goal!

Roger and LeAnn said...

I plan to do the exercise thing of 30 minutes each day; I like to make a health goal every year and this year I would like to truly complete them.
Blessings for your thoughts today!