Monday, February 1, 2010

When I have grown a foot or two

As I realize that many of you know and love my sister (though not as much as I do), I should probably officially announce that she is now a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She's in the Missionary Training Center now, and will leave for the Texas Houston East mission this Wednesday.

I really am excited for her. She is going to make a wonderful missionary, and is already a tremendous example to me in her devotion to the gospel. Though I wasn't able to be there for any of the official send off festivities, I was able to be with her, and the rest of our family, in the temple for her first time, and again at Christmas. It's amazing to be together there.
I do, however, miss her like crazy. I had to take her off my favorites on my phone, so I'm not tempted to call her. The cravings to talk to her have eased. Consequently, I'm getting much better at letter writing again.

And speaking of letters, if you want to follow her missionary adventures, you can check out her missionary blog. I'll be updating it for her at least weekly.

Hooray for sisters! Hooray for missionaries! Hooray missionary sisters!

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Jasmine said...

This has turned out to be a missionary Sunday for me--we had a combined farewell/homecoming in church today for which I sang, we listened to and recorded a tape for my brother who's on a mission in Chile, and my cousin who's going into the MTC on Wednesday to serve in Cambodia had his farewell today in Utah.

This must be a good work! :) Good luck to your sister!