Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're groovin' in the home of the librarian

I've done a day in the life before, but this one is an official Library Day in the Life.

8:30 AM
Wake up. I know. My life is hard.

9:30 AM Time for work! Checka ze email. (Does anyone else hear Strongbad's voice sometimes when they check their email?) I also do a little morning blog reading and turn on the Pandora. Lauryn Hill Radio for now.

Most of my circulation requests and reference queries are via email, and there's actually only one of each so far today. It's unfortunate, but when I get emails that start out with "I apologize ahead of time. I know there is a new procedure on how to check out materials, but I can’t remember what it is." or don't even apologize, just proceed to act like I haven't been rolling out a new system (complete with library instruction sessions, group emails, and individual emails) by requesting things the old way, I feel like I wasted my time trying to teach it in the first place. After three years of work on this, how hard is it to take twenty minutes to learn and remember the new, faster for everyone involved way of doing things? Blargh.

So. One request for materials I actually have. She asked for it with the old call number, but at least she remembered we're doing it by class sets now. Put together materials, drop off at intra-office mail pickup. Email teacher to tell her the music is on its way and to try and remember the new call number next time. Crave a little Angel Taylor and listen to Like You Do. Twice.

No outstanding requests. Time to clean up the office and catch up on my check-ins.

12:20 PM Request for orchestra materials via the new system. I think orchestra teachers are picking up on this new way faster than any of the others.

One of the returns is drastically incomplete, according to my records, so I have to draw up a Missing Music Form to send to the teacher. This is one of my least favorite things, but missing music is no good.

1:30 PM Lunch! Ate the last of the kind-of burned clam chowder, a mango, and some Jell-o whilst watching a little Doctor Who.

2:30 PM Back to check-ins, after reading a letter from my missionary sister. Afternoon playlist mostly influenced by this list a fellow librarian shared on Twitter.

3:40 PM Reference query via phone! This is probably the only time my phone will ring today.

4:00 PM I was mistaken about the phone. It was the same teacher, who still can't find the library website. ("It's l-i-b as in library, c-a-t as in catalog." "So it's l-i-p?" "No. l-i-B. As in library.") Bless her heart.

5:30 PM Working a little late today. Shelve the check-ins, fill in my timesheet for the week, daydream about moving if I get one of the jobs I've applied for recently.

6:00 PM And I'm off!

So, how does this librarian spend her evening? I went to the hip hop class at the gym before heading home for dinner, which was Ramen noodles in chicken broth with loads of veggies. I've watched a couple episodes of "Angel" (just started Season 2), and I'll probably watch "Heroes" and "Castle". I'll also do my dishes, and possibly fold some laundry. Ideally, I'll be in bed by midnight.

Today was definitely a calm day, of which I am a fan.


Konfusion with a K said...

2 things:
1. I love your posts - they're so animated and fun to read
2. I think of Strong Bad almost all the time when checking my email... I haven't watched it in forever but now I plan on rectifying that sad fact.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

of course you already know, but I LOVE ANGEL! I used to think he was uber sexy. Now I just think he's pretty sexy ;)

AmandaStretch said...

Kathryn - 1) Thanks!! 2)I'm glad I'm not alone. :)

Hannah - Haha. He's still uber sexy to me, until further notice, though it's weird to watch episodes of Angel from 10 years ago and then the current episodes of Bones. He's aged well, but he has aged. Anyway. Sexy at any age.