Monday, February 8, 2010

Mmmm whatcha say?

Several of my friends in the area are updating their blogs this weekend, as I suspect many people in the area are. It's one of the few things you can do with snow like this. But, as I alluded to yesterday, I expected that my posts were relatively boring, since I'm not out adventuring or playing with friends or my children. There's not much you can say about sewing and watching tv. That's totally okay, of course. I just didn't really think I had anything that made for terribly interesting blog fodder.

Fortunately, I was wrong. In the two and a half hours I was digging my car out of two feet of snow, one of my across the street neighbors was doing the same. EVERY time I talk to this man, usually in passing as we're getting in or out of our cars, he has something to complain about. Today was no different. The following is our exchange, best as I can remember it. There was more complaining about the weather and more mumbling, that's for sure.


Joe: Good morning, I'm Joe.

Me: Good morning, I'm Amanda.

Joe: This weather sucks.

Me: Yeah. A lot of snow.

Joe: Yeah. And they don't know how to plow it. You'd think they'd cut the snow wider, around all the cars, instead of just straight through.

Me: Maybe.

Joe: And people drive so fast down it.

Me: The people I've seen haven't been so bad today.

shovel shovel shovel

Joe: Most of the churches are probably closed today.

Me: I know mine is. I'll just have to worship on my own today.

Joe: I already did. mumble My girlfriend in Florida. I'm moving down there as soon as my daughter graduates from high school.

Me: Oh? When's that?

Joe: June.

Me: Cool. Good for her.

shovel shovel shovel

Joe tries to borrow his housemate's shovel, who is actually using it, because it's better.

Housemate: You can have it in a few minutes, I'm almost done.

Joe: I'm supposed to be at work. Jerk. I won't give you a ride the next time you need one. See how you like that. to me He's such a jerk. I won't give him a ride next time. See how he likes it.

shovel shovel shovel

Joe: So much for global warming. We're supposed to get another 16 inches on Tuesday. You can already see the clouds. It's the winds from the Northeast. That's the trouble. This has got to stop. You know who the Prince of the Air is? It's his fault. It's not God's.

Me: Uh-huh.

shovel shovel shovel

Joe: Valentine's Day is next Sunday. I still need to order some flowers to send to my girlfriend.

Me: That's good. I don't have a boyfriend, so I'm not worried about it.

Joe: Oh really? I'm surprised. Pretty girl like you.

Me: Oh thanks. It's alright.

Joe: Y'know. It's the guys around here. They're crazy.

Me: I hear that.

Joe: But y'know, the women are too picky.

Me: Oh that's not my problem. Just haven't had the opportunity.

Joe: Let me tell you about some websites. mumble is supposed to be for Christian Singles, but they aren't nice to the women there. Christian Coffeehouse is good though.

Me: Um, thanks.

shovel shovel shovel Joe hires some teenagers who are out shoveling to help him.

Me: Well, I'm done. Back to hibernating. Good luck!

I did try to make a snow angel today. Unfortunately, my head didn't make much of an impact in the snow and my snow angel looked more like a snow hazmat symbol. Not exactly what I intended, but at least I did some playing!

Otherwise, the hibernation continues. Just because I can physically leave my apartment doesn't mean I will. Work is closed already tomorrow, and I don't really have any need to get out. It's nice, this little staycation. I wouldn't mind, however, a little less snow and a little more beach.

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Giggles said...

I LOVE random conversations that you don't even have to participate in because the other person already has their script set and is just going to plow right through it.

There was a girl on the bus last week who just started talking to nobody until someone joined her in a conversation. Unfortunately I was the one who looked at her and was pulled in.