Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The ice is thin come on dive in

So. Olympics. I'm a total junkie. Winter or summer, it doesn't matter. I've seen three different torch relays (Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Athens). I watch as many events as I can, though I do have my favorites. As I told Eilonwy, it doesn't matter who is competing for what, I will get tense watching events and competitors I wouldn't care about any other time of the year. I love hearing stories about the athletes, watching them express their joy with their success, and am sad for them when it doesn't quite go their way.

This Olympics, I have discovered two sports I hadn't really watched previously - curling and ice dancing. I even understand curling now, thanks to watching a few matches, reading some articles, and playing bocce ball (the scoring is somewhat similar), which helps me enjoy it even more.

Now, I don't really understand the scoring of ice dancing, but I do enjoy watching it and I've finally figured out what a twizzle is. Except for compulsory dance. That's really boring. Things don't really get interesting until original dance and free dance. There are some really creative moves - the lifts are my favorite (typical). Tonight there was even a lift where the woman lifted the man, which was neat. Here are my other thoughts from tonight, and a few rather "priceless" commentator notes:

When the first Russian pair come on the ice, I thought to myself, because of her costume, "Hmm. I hope they're dancing to 'The Firebird'."

I was right.

From the commentators: "Ice dancing is often about 'here's the top; let's go over it.' "

I was also right that another pair was dancing about immigrants, because of their costumes. Their piece was apparently called "The Immigrants".

Ben Agosto has sparkly chest hair!

And finally, the one and only Bob Costas: "One has a penalty box. One has a kiss and cry area. Both are Olympic sports."

Thanks Bob, for pointing that out.

Finally, I'm always pleased when the Olympians sing and are otherwise properly respectful of their national anthems. The winners of tonight's ice dancing were appropriately enthusiastic. Congratulations!