Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Love in the library

I've recently been pondering my identity as a blogger, and this blog's identity. I often talk about being a librarian and running a library and going to school to be a librarian. But I also talk about everything else under the sun. I realized that if I were to blog more about my job, and the random silly things that encounter, like many other librarian blogs, my postings would be few and far between. I've only had encounters with two patrons today, neither of them interesting.

Patron 1 - Voicemail message #1, left about an hour before I'm even scheduled to be in - Hi, I haven't received my materials yet, and I was wondering if you'd sent them.

I check my notes, see that I did, and make a note to email her as I hear

Voicemail message #2, left 20 minutes after the first - Never mind. It came just now. Thanks.

Cross that off my to-do list.

Patron 2 - Email contact - Hi. I need another copy of ________. Can you tell me who has the other copy checked out?

Nope. Privacy laws being what they are I can't, but I don't even think I have a second copy of that. I check my shelves. Nope.

Sorry, Patron 2, but I only have one copy of that and you have it.

See? Not interesting. You can wake up now. I spent the rest of my day checking materials in, emailing patrons who are missing materials from their returns, and shelving.

Incidents funny enough to be included in my blog only happen every few weeks, and you can follow my tags to read all about them.

In the meantime, I'll continue to write about anything and everything I feel like. It's my blog after all!

Should you need a library only blog fix, I just added a new blog roll, thanks to the Cool Librarian!


Laylabean said...

Hmmm - I've never thought about needing a library blog fix, but maybe someday. And "Love in the Library" sounds like a totally cool title for the next teen queen flick. Go you!

AmandaStretch said...

Too bad they'll have to Jimmy Buffett the credit for the title.

However, I did come with an award winning plot! Which I won't be sharing here, just in case. ;)