Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Shipping up to Boston!

After Blake graduated from Officer Development School, we got to explore Newport, Rhode Island - a charming city steeped in old money. Families like the Kennedys and Rockefellers all had homes there. We did the Cliff Walk and checked out several of the houses from the outside.

The Breakers

We also took advantage of the base's proximity to Boston and spent a couple days exploring the city. I had only been to Boston for a few hours in 2006 for a BYU football game (I flew there and back on the same day), Blake had visited once during ODS, and none of our parents had really spent significant time there. We enjoyed dragging my parents and his dad around and walking the Freedom Trail. 

Faneuil Hall - Rallies for the Revolution were held here

Old North Church

USS Constitution - Oldest actively commissioned ship in the US Navy and the only currently serving ship to have destroyed an enemy ship in direct combat.

Make Way For Ducklings! I loved this book as a kid, so I was delighted to hunt for the statue.

Boston LDS Temple!

My mom loves lilacs and I love my mom, so it was fitting that I could take her to the Lilac Festival at the Harvard Arboretum on Mother's Day. It was also nice not to have share her with any other siblings.
Yay parents!

Of course, we noshed on delicious food including pastries, Italian, and some sort of Korean noodle dish. It was a quick weekend, and a bit of an adventure taking a car to a train to an Uber to a plane to another Uber just to get home, but we made it. As Blake says, Disney movies have been made about less.

Thanks Blake for graduating in such a cool part of the country!


Myrna said...

Newport is a great place! MLA was in Newport one year, and we had fun going on walks around the city! (Me, Irene, Janet and Leslie!)

AmandaStretch said...

I remember that one happening, but it was before I started joining in all the fun!

Giggles said...

Some day I need to get back East again and see the history there.

Yea ducklings!