Saturday, November 12, 2016

I like to think we might be wishing on the same bright star!

Military separations are hard.

We had it a lot easier than some, to be sure, but it's still pretty lame having to live hundreds of miles away from your spouse for months at a time. I do not envy the spouses who face deployments to areas of conflict, with spotty internet or phone connections, and for way longer than Blake and I have been apart, but we may have to face such a separation at some point.

Blake reported to Naval Justice School (essentially military law school) in Rhode Island at the beginning of August. He stayed in the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites, a hotel on base, in his own suite with a kitchenette, so his accommodations could have been a lot worse.

I stayed home in Virginia. Lots of families do actually move to Rhode Island together, but since we knew it was only for ten weeks, I had a life in DC (hobbies, projects, friends, etc.), and my own apartment with a dog instead of a hotel with none of these things (except maybe the dog), we decided it was best if we lived apart for awhile.

Ultimately, it was right decision. There was still plenty to do to get ready for Japan, and we still got to talk everyday. We even had little dates where we'd would play a game online or cue up the same thing on Netflix and watch together, then call and talk about it.

I spent my time sorting through things at home, running around getting my medical records in order so I could be approved to go to Japan (a hassle I will probably not write about, as there were tears and frustrations and fears I wouldn't be able to get it done in time, but it all worked out), playing with Malcolm, and watching way too much West Wing.

We went to a few end of season doggy day swims at local pools and water parks.

Malcolm loves his sunny spots, even if it means sleeping on the coffee table.
20+ years of playbills and programs from theatrical productions I've seen or participated in, organized chronologically.

I also took a long day trip to visit the Philadelphia temple open house. It was beautiful!

I did spend some good time with friends. For example, Jill, a friend from BYU who I reconnected with in DC - after we both became librarians and before we married our wonderful husbands who also get along swimmingly, and I attended the BYU-West Virginia game at FedEx Field in DC. I'd known about that game for a few years, so I was thrilled to not have moved away before it happened. Malcolm and I made a little day trip of it, and he loved running around their backyard with their kids while Jill and I were gone.

I also had some houseguests. Nicole and Lauren came to visit for a quick weekend from New  York - Nicole and I met while we both lived in DC and Lauren had never been before. The Heisses also spent several days with me, becoming my bookend houseguests, as they were the first we hosted (before Blake lived there) and the last (while Blake was gone). They've met Blake, but, under the circumstances, it's possible they could believe I was just making him up. You can read about their/our adventures here, and I also just realized I have my own hashtag on their blog!
Zoe was unsure about Malcolm for awhile, but they ultimately got along just fine.

Of course I took them to Sugar Shack.

One of my favorite weekends was the one where I drove up to Rhode Island to spend time with Blake. We had hoped to do that more than we did, but time and circumstances didn't work out that way. It was still nice to have a few days to explore Newport and chill with my best friend.
Being impressed into the British Navy during a reenactment happening around Newport

I'd had a Blue Apron trial, so I brought up one of my meals and we got to cook together again.

Toured the inside of The Breakers this time

Wouldn't mind this view at all.

Next week, I'll talk about the two biggest projects of my last few months in DC and I'll finally start talking about Japan! Thank you for your patience!


Giggles said...

I hope your separations are few and short.

AmandaStretch said...

Thank you. We do too.