Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Like a fiddler on the roof!

My family of origin has several enjoyable traditions - some for everyday, some for special days, some just because. Now that I have a baby family of my own, Blake and I have been negotiating our own traditions by bringing some from each of our families or personal traditions, as well as creating our own. We both have a few we can't do yet, generally related to kids, and probably some to discover along the way. I know I look forward to that. For now, here is a list of traditions we currently enjoy as a family.

New Year's Eve

  • Something to toast the New Year like Martinelli's sparkling cider or ginger brew egg nog ice cream floats


  • Ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner


  • Spook burgers and bones and blood for dinner on Halloween (We'll add witches brew - a beverage with dry ice - once we remember to pick up dry ice before everyone else does.)
  • Mummy dogs for dinner on a Halloween adjacent day


  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (at least the Broadway musical performances)
  • Full Thanksgiving spread, even for just the two of us
  • Attend the temple the day after Thanksgiving

  • Decorations go up on the first Sunday of December, during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, whilst drinking hot chocolate
  • Must watch during the Christmas season or last quarter of the year - Muppet Christmas CarolThe Nightmare Before Christmas; Love, Actually (usually just me); Borrowed Hearts (with Sisterface, in person if possible)
  • Pizza for Christmas Eve dinner - This is a tradition of Blake's family, but we'll be with my family this year. We're going to suggest it. This post might be their first knowledge of this suggestion.
  • Others depending on which family we are celebrating with - We have yet to spend a Christmas as just us, so we'll see what sticks when we do.


  • Birthday dinner of birthday person's choice, usually cooked by the spouse  - For Blake it's manicotti. Me? I change it up.


  • Blake gets the last kiss as I leave for work, or vice versa if he leaves without me. If I pet Malcolm on my way out, I make a point of kissing Blake one more time. We'll extend this to children first, spouse last when the time comes.
  • Wake up and go to bed together
  • Whoever fixes their toothbrush first fixes the other's as well
  • Bedtime routine - personal prayer, couple prayer, couple's journal (a Q&A couple's journal from Fran), scriptures, round of Plants V. Zombies Pinata Party, lights out.


  • Skype every night if one of us is traveling
  • Saying "John Paul Jones" before we embark on anything we deem adventurous
  • Breakfast picnic of bakery muffins and fruit if our weekly grocery walk takes place on Saturday morning
  • McDonald's for breakfast when embarking on a road trip
  • Sonic stop if we're passing one
  • Whenever I make pancakes, I make the last one into a heart for Blake

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Giggles said...

I love the miscellaneous ones! Tradition!