Saturday, November 7, 2015

Like a bridge over troubled water

Sundays are great days for family walks. We don't have church until 3 in the afternoon (not our favorite time), and Malcolm needs walks everyday, so Sunday mornings are perfect for the three of us to head out and enjoy some fresh air. Blake and I use some of the time for our weekly family business meetings - schedules and other things on the horizon.

This last Sunday, we had a stake conference (a meeting of several congregations together) and were done with church at noon. With the afternoon free and the weather surprisingly warm for November, we took a walk we've had our eyes on for months - crossing the Potomac to Maryland via the Woodrow Wilson bridge. 

We started at Jones Point Park in Old Town Alexandria, site of an original DC boundary stone, and headed out. 
DC as seen from the Wilson Bridge - The Capitol dome and Washington Monument are foggy and faint, but we could see them
We didn't realize we'd cross though DC as well! Three states/districts in one walk!
My walking buddies
Back in Virginia
Jones Point Park - The oblong shape is the size and shape of the warships built on this site during World War I

We could have walked all the way down into National Harbor in Maryland, and sometime we will. Still, it was a good 4.5 miles round trip, which is about average for us these days. 
Capitol dome as seen through one of the telescopes on the bridge, photo courtesy of Blake

Hooray for historical and interesting family walks!


Heidi said...

Sometimes, Orem is REALLY boring. I need to check out some walks elsewhere, though, and make a plan and follow through.

Giggles said...

Sometimes Rita Ranch is REALLY boring. Or hot. You'll have to take us on all the best walks when we make it out your way one of these days.

AmandaStretch said...

Heidi and Giggles, I will happily take you on walks around here! Heidi - we'll try to find something good when we visit with Malcolm next month!