Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Are Unstoppable

So, Philadelphia was wonderful. MLA 2011 was a great conference - I participated in some fascinating sessions, ate delicious food, and met several quality fellow music librarians. These are definitely some of my people.

What really helped me do all that is just jumping right in and getting myself involved immediately. Even as a first time attendee (with bright blue ribbon on my nametag announcing it to the world), I am the new Film Music Roundtable Coordinator.  This meant that I led a meeting and attended a couple extra networking events. The people I met just through that were all incredibly supportive and we've brainstormed some interesting ideas about where to go from here.  It was also really encouraging to be regarded on a professional level by the same people who gave me my start back at BYU.  Thank you Myrna and Janet! I also organized a successful tweetup, which led to even more fortuitous meetings.

It helped that I knew a few people beforehand, like my BYU colleagues and members of my regional MLA chapter, since I've been to the past two fall meetings. The latter group even acknowledged that they couldn't believe it was my first time at a national meeting - they were just so impressed by me and felt like I'd been around forever. It's quite a compliment!

I'm so glad I was able to attend this year. I really feel like some promising seeds were planted and I can't wait to see the results!

But first, some more pictures:

Best skirt to wear to a music librarian's conference, awkward picture

A jazz band of musicians from Harvard, playing in the Reading Town Market while I got lunch

The Wanamaker Organ, or at least part of it, built specifically for this Macy's


Sunday Brunch

The rose I was given at the grocery store today, though it has nothing to do with Philly
And, finally, the sounds of the West Philadelphia Orchestra, our entertainment at the closing banquet. They were great fun live!

I'm already looking forward to MLA 2012!

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Yea for fun times!

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