Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tonight's gonna be a good night

My dear friend Xena sometimes reads Tarot for me. Of course, I don't put all my stock in it, but the occasional card pull really speaks to me.

Here's today's (from the Nature deck):

Cattails - spreading seeds

Now is the time to seek out environments that are creative & nourishing for you. Don't hesitate in your creative endeavors & pursuits. Spread as many seeds as possible in as many areas as possible.... Enough of them will take that you'll be amazed at all the success that develops in your life. Now is the time to act! Initiate new endeavors; take new creative approaches. You will find yourself breaking away from old restricting habits.

(BTW - you feel watery/emotional today. Everything is going to be ok - everyONE is going to be ok. Go have a cry; catch your breath; just let it all go. I love you.)

Just what I needed to hear today.

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Roger and LeAnn said...

Interesting to hear something that will help you for the day in a rather unique way.
Blessings to you! LeAnn