Thursday, April 16, 2009

And then the earthquake hits

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm taking a bit of a blogging break. I haven't posted anything that requires much thought since March, and probably won't for just a little longer.

Why, do you ask?

My agenda as of late:

- Graduate portfolito - Put this whole thing together in 5 days, thanks to finding out that the deadline was approximately three months sooner than I thought. Submitted this morning. It's actually pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

- Rehearsing for a play - The NOVA Institute is performing "Witnesses" for local YW/YM groups. We have our first performance tonight. I'm the lead. Had many lines to memorize. Will blog about this sooner or later.

- Moving - Haven't even really started, and I move in 10 days. Good times.

- Papers, papers, and more papers - I can't justify writing for fun when I should be writing for school, and most of the time I don't even want to do either. Lots of posts in my head though.

- Work - So glad it's mostly quiet right now. The 3rd Annual Nastygram Day is coming up though. Okay, not really, but when you have to send out 50 "Where is the music you should have returned on Friday?" notices, you don't feel so nice after awhile.

Things NOT on my agenda:

- Cooking - I have had more Oreos, frozen dinners, reheated soup, and Coke Zero in the last week than any one person should consume. At least I'm still eating relatively healthy salads for lunch. Can't negate the personal training work completely.

- Blogging - There will be a SOTW tomorrow and I have some Hero of the Day awards to give out, but at this rate, they'll come two weeks after the fact. Doesn't make me any less grateful, I assure you.

- Cleaning - When I say that my house will never be clean again, it's the truth, because by the time I clean it, it won't be my house anymore.

- Reading - Still on book B of this year's reading challenge. And by still on book B, I mean page 4 of book B. The only reason I even know where book B is, is because I keep all my to-read books by my bed.

- Panicking - I, simply, do not have time.

So, I'll be back. Soon, I hope. Don't miss me too much.

Or do, and leave me all sorts of comments about it.

Or make me dinner.

I would appreciate either.

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And I use blog writing as a way to practice my writing skills so that my school papers sound smarter. :)