Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When I get my name in lights

I miss performing.

I miss being in a cast, learning and creating show, being on stage in lights/costume/makeup, gossiping backstage/being gossip fodder backstage, late night trips to diners, singing and dancing constantly, and everything else associated with being in a show.

Have you ever noticed that I don't have a theatre tag? It's because I haven't been in a show since March 2007!!!!!!!

For someone who was a theatre major and has been in a show almost constantly since the age of six, I'm going a little crazy. I honestly can't remember the last time I went this long without being in a show, or at least in dance classes. The last (and only) two other times that I went without being in a play for more than a year, I was at least either in dance classes or on a dance company.

I am still singing, with Mormon Choir of Washington, and solo-ing as often as the opportunity presents itself (like yesterday in Sacrament meeting) . Yes, I'm teaching dance classes and choreographing, but I only ever get to dance an entire piece full out once or twice before just watching and cleaning up my dancers.

It's the darn grad school that's getting in the way. I have found dance classes that I want to take, but they are at inconvenient times and locations. There's just not enough time to even think about auditioning for anything. I don't even know what's going on in the local theatre scence most of the time, which is sad.

Unfortunately, I'll just have to wait another 11 months before I can even really even think about auditioning somewhere. Then again, I'm not even sure I'll want to jump in that quickly, as I may just want to sit like a lump somewhere for a couple of months before I make any sort of long-term commitments. The withdrawal symptoms may have eased by then.


That I'm auditioning in New York City this coming weekend for some Broadway producers. They have an open casting call for a list of shows they're responsible for and I figured it was as good a chance as any to do this. Even if nothing comes of it, I can say that I've auditioned for Broadway!

Wishes of luck and positive thoughts this weekend will be greatly appreciated!


SJ said...

I feel ya. I haven't acted in a show since Spring 2005. Sadness.

P.S. Totally looking forward to your post about the auditions!

Jasmine said...

Good luck! I envy you - I've really been missing performing as well. *sigh*

chosha said...

Hey, good luck!! Hope it goes really well. Does one say 'break a leg' for auditions?