Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hypothetically . . .

Occasionally, some friends and I engage in an online game of Truth or Dare. Dares must be proven with photographic evidence, and don't happen nearly as often as truths.

Today I received this question:

Wildcard: You have a date tonight with a person who is SO totally hot, but there are signs that there is a good but unquantifiable chance that this person is ultimately a dud.

Sitcom complication: a person you were very into a long time ago shows up, wanting to make amends, or at least go for a date tonight. This person, of course, hurt you, but there are, again, signs that there is a good but unquantifiable chance that this person might well make good.

Whom do you choose?

Me: Having recycled boyfriends before, and knowing that has never worked out for long, I'd go with the hot guy. Sure. It could be a dud, but it might not be. He could be totally great, and he would be new, and there would be no tainted version of our future.

I don't think I could ever choose the 2nd guy. If he really wanted to make amends and impress me, he'll wait until tomorrow night.

Or, if I really wanted to make it a sitcom, I wouldn't choose. I'd go out with both tonight. I would have an early dinner with the first guy, maybe catch a movie or something. He's been told that I have a lot of schoolwork to do tomorrow, so I need to call it a night early and get some rest. The date goes fabulously, and he takes me home. The second guy has been told that I already had dinner plans, but maybe we can go out for dessert at at the 24 hour cafe down the street and then shoot some pool at the bar around the corner. It gives us time to catch up and I can see whether or not I really want to give this a second chance.

And, since this is a sitcom, when the first date goes late or the second shows up early, or the first date decides to hit the bar too, and they meet - the 2nd guy sees how hot the 1st is and realizes he's got some major competition. The 1st guy gets protective. They fight.

I leave with the really hot bartender, who is both hot and intelligent and is tending bar whilst he works on his Master's at GMU. And, since this is my fantasy sitcom, and this is important to me, he just happens to be talking to the LDS missionaries.

Who knows? It could happen.


Nancy said...

You should write your own series. Really.

And my family eats just about anything, really. Andrew's pretty picky vegetable-wise, but I'm trying to help him get over that.

AmandaStretch said...

Thanks! That could be fun. :)