Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Job Perks

Lots of jobs have perks - casual Fridays, sales spiffs, quarterly bonuses, etc.

My favorite perk? My own office. It's in the southwest corner of my library, in the southwest corner of my building, far removed from pretty much everyone else in the building. Yes, there are days when I get lonely and don't see anyone else in the entire building, plus the view out my office window isn't particularly exciting (unless the cute half of the fire station next door is going to the deli).

Today is not one of those lonely days. I'm sitting here cataloguing music and singing along to the Broadway cast recording of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. This is awesome.

Other days I've used my office as a dance studio, a place to cry, a vanity (when suddenly at 2 PM I finally feel like wearing make-up), and oh yes, an office.

I should get back to that, but first I have to skip back to a couple songs ago on the CD that I missed singing because I was typing this. :)


Nancy said...

I'll agree with you that having your own office is a perk! :)

I'm glad that you're having fun!

emily said...

I want my own office :( I love where I work and all, and the social interaction is great, but my own office would be lovely. Btw- you should take advantage of that space and decorate it! ;P

AmandaStretch said...

You know that as soon as I do, I'll post pictures here. :-D