Friday, July 20, 2007

It's the Last Midnight

In just a few short hours, the world will know the fate of Harry Potter. Yes. I am a Harry Potter nerd. Yes. That is my wristband to pick up my pre-ordered copy tonight at the Arlington Borders. Yes. I left for work early this morning to go to Borders first. Yes. I have my Sybil Trelawney costume with me.
My family discovered Harry Potter shortly before the 4th book was released, and we have an interesting, cutthroat pecking order when new books come out. The four of us that read it still all manage to finish it within the first few days, sharing only one copy. My dad's cousin gave us her extra copy of the 4th one when her family was done with it. I later bought the first four British children's versions in a box set whilst I was living in London. When the 5th book was released, I was working in the BYU library, which had ordered 10 copies, and I managed to get one via fast-catting. When I graduated from BYU, someone gave me the British children's version. For Book 6, I went to a book release party in Salt Lake with my friend Eilonwy without preordering, , and won the book.
I didn't want to take any chances this time, so I pre-ordered for the first time. Smash and I, and several of our friends, will be celebrating in Old Town Alexandria before getting the book in Arlington. This, of course, will make perfect blogging fodder - but I have to read the book first. :)


Giggles said...

I still have my wrist band on. Part of me doesn't want to take it off just yet. I'm so very, proud would the be word I think yet it's not quite that, of having gone and gotten the book at midnight

AmandaStretch said...

They cut mine off, or I'd likely still be wearing it. But I did put it on as soon as I got to work in the morning, and, had the occasion called for it, would have been proud to answer what it was.