Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ducks and Platypi

If it looks like a duck, walks like duck, and talks like duck, it's probably a duck, right?

WRONG! In this case, it's a platypus. It's start out the same, but you learn pretty quickly that's it most certainly a platypus. Luckily, I like platypi, but sometimes having a duck would be really nice.

It's even harder when some of those close to me have as many ducks in the last week as I've had in the last year.

*sigh* Oh well. It could be worse, I could not have any platypi at all.


emily said...

BAHAHAHA!!!!! I so remember Daddy's exlpanation of ducks and dates. He was so wrong. I would appreciate more ducks too... *hugs*

AmandaStretch said...

You know what's even funnier? When Dad and I were talking about this particular post, he didn't get it! I do love him so.

(Oh, and I love you! *hugs back*)

Nancy said...

oh, i get it :)