Thursday, July 7, 2011

I see a red door and I want to paint it black

Apparently, I have been in a mood to DYE ALL THE THINGS!

First, I dyed Cabeza's hair blue.
Sometimes people make us laugh while taking our picture.

Then, I dyed some cake.

Hooray for America!

And since we're talking about kitchen-y things, here's my latest kitchen toy

It has the capacity to mix the dough for 13 dozen cookies. Too bad that would take 5.2 hours to bake 13 dozen cookies in my tiny toaster oven, which doesn't even account for the taking them out of the oven time! Guess I'll just need a bigger oven.

Oh, and yes, Myrna, I work at a custard shop (continuing on the kitchen theme) part-time now - 10 hours a week. It's called The Dairy Godmother, and it's adorable. The food is pretty tasty too. If you can't come visit me in person, you can always check me out on the Custard Cam! It's like the PandaCam, only with less cuteness.

What's random in your life this week?


Heidi said...

So can I call Jared an old blue-hair now...?

AmandaStretch said...

Hahaha! I'm sure he'd love that.

LeAnn said...

LOL! I loved your pictures and your thoughts. Have fun with your new mixer. One thing it will do well is Whole Wheat Bread; just the thought of hot bread with honey on it; yum!

Cabeza said...

Yes. Yes you can.

Jocelyn said...

The Dairy Godmother has a custard cam?!?! Wow.