Friday, March 4, 2011

Are You Ready To Rumble?

Remember that Wizards game I won tickets to way back in September? It finally happened! Last night, Kyle and I went to the Verizon Center for some Washington Wizards v. Golden State Warriors action. And our seats were rather awesome. (Looks even better if you click on it for full size.)

We had a blast! Both teams aren't exactly good and evenly matched teams, one way or another, always make for better games. The half-time entertainment were two teams of 5 year old ballers playing full court regulation ball! They were so cute! They even scored baskets! AMAZING!

I rather enjoy live sports in general. I played soccer as a kid and watched my siblings play soccer (both of them) and baseball (Brotherface) when I wasn't playing. I still play various games (soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, even volleyball) when the occasion arises, and I'm at least fairly decent at ultimate frisbee. I attended football and basketball games in high school and college, and I've been to handful of professional sporting events wherever I've lived, so I've seen the Houston Astros, Utah Starzz and Jazz, Provo Angels (before they were the Orem Owlz), Baltimore Orioles, and the Wizards and Nationals here in DC, all on their home turf. I even sang the National Anthem with Brotherface at a Provo Angels game when I was 18.

But it has to be live for me to really enjoy it. With the exception of BYU football and maybe a little BYU basketball and most certainly the Olympics, I don't seek out televised sporting events and I don't stop and watch them if I'm channel surfing. For me, it's as much social as it is about the game. That's one reason I can watch or listen to BYU  games on my own , because I know others who are watching and I can celebrate/commiserate with them after.  If another sporting event is on TV and friends want to watch, I'll watch and probably even enjoy. If I'm going to a live game, I definitely prefer to have friends to share it with. Sporting events are also really great for first dates!  I love rooting for the home team, investing a couple hours in their triumphs and losses. If it's BYU, I'll even invest a whole day - I flew to and from Boston in the same day in September 2006, just to cheer on my beloved Cougars.  I prefer college ball to pro ball, because there's more heart and pro athletes are grossly overpaid, but I'll have a good time at either.

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, I'm actually really looking forward to baseball season. There's something rather lovely about spending a summer evening outside, batting away mosquitos, chatting with friends, and cheering on some ball players. Bring on the overpriced food! I'm ready for summer and baseball!

So - how do you feel about sports?


thelittlebig said...

That is RAD.

I am mostly bored with sports. That said, I'd like to see a Baseball game and a Basketball game someday.

And I love watching MMA (goes without saying).

AmandaStretch said...

Mixed Martial Arts?

I also totally forgot - I went to an Arsenal game (soccer) when I lived in London. I even saw David Beckham play!