Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

I really missed decorating for Christmas last year. Our poor little house was so drab and lacking in holiday cheer. I was determined not to have the same problem this year. The only problem? A teeny little apartment with no space for a Christmas tree. Fortunately, it didn't take long to realize I don't use my dining room table much, so I wouldn't miss it if I put a Christmas tree there. The next problem was going to be finding a tree that wouldn't be too tall or too small. Rather than schlepping around town to find a tree that size, I decided I'd just have to go with an artificial tree.

Now, I'm not proud of my decision. I LOVE real tree smell and feel (you know, as you're decorating it, not that I go around feeling Christmas trees) and look. But, a 4' tree from a big box store was a rather practical decision, and by golly is it convenient. No watering? Easy setup? No daily vacuuming? Pre-lit?

Still, I maintain that when I have space again, I will go back to real trees and this new permanent addition to my decorations will be relegated to being my "extra tree".

Yes, I just made that up.

So, Sunday night, I turned on the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, made myself a mug of hot chocolate, and set to work. You can't see it in the picture, but I also strung some random strings of lights around kitchen. Sure, it's all a little haphazard (I'm reminded of how they strung their lights in Whoville before the Grinch stole them), but I like it. So there. If you look closely, you'll notice that Andre The Car Bear approves (he was inside for a cleaning because he managed to get a Starburst stuck to his back).

Also, here are a few pictures from my Thanksgiving trip. This is my aunt (and me), taking a quick photo break from the craziness that is 20 some odd members of my uncle's family:

Friday night, we went to Light Up Louisville with my uncle's sister and her husband and made it just in time for the lighting ceremony. Yes, that is a panda Christmas ornament in my hand.

And my cute aunt and uncle. I love them.

You should also notice that I've changed my music player to Christmas songs. I've added a few new ones this year, and will continue to do so throughout the month. Any favorites I'm missing?

My other favorite thing about this weekend was that it snowed! It rarely snows this much in December in these parts, and I always have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit without it. So, to have a snowstorm the same weekend I'm decorating for Christmas makes me very happy indeed. Even better was the fact that I go to stay in my purple with snowflake fleece PJs all day, since our ward Christmas party was "Christmas morning" dress. Don't worry, I still showered.

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?


Giggles said...

In my opinion, pre-lit trees don't have enough lights on them. But I love my little tree that I can just put in the box with the lights on at the end of each season and pull it out already to go the next season if I just add the ornaments.

My little one is now our extra one with the large one I bought in January as our main one. I LOVE Christmas trees. I should get some pictures of our trees.

Belle of the Blues said...

Hello, lovely! You are one funny lady. I'm glad we're friends. Also, is Eilonwy the real name of your friend? You'll have to fill me in on Thursday.

AmandaStretch said...

Giggles - You're right about the lights. There are almost enough, but not quite. I am a little jealous that you have a house now for a big Christmas tree. :)

Belle - Hello!! Thanks! I'm glad we're friends too. We also have to discuss helmet hair lady on Thursday! I know who she is!