Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look at me, way up high!

My family teases me for having an iPhone, but really they get as much help from it as I do. On Christmas Eve, my dad was playing Name That Tune-Classic Rock Station Style with Brotherface and I, a game we've played numerous times growing up. On the plus side, Dad's love for the music of his teenage and young adult years has fueled the love my brother and I have for it. On the negative side, it's still not an era I can Name That Tune very well.

So, I cheated. I was in the backseat. I have Shazam (a music identification app). It took Dad three songs to realize the source of my knowledge. If I hasn't shown him that app the last time I was home, he may never had guessed!

In church on Sunday, a recently returned missionary was reporting on his service in Mexico. He remarked that he knew the Spirit was helping him teach, because he once taught someone that smoking is bad for your doves instead of lungs, and he was still able to get his message across. Mom turned to me and asked what lungs was in Spanish. I couldn't remember, and using my phone during Sacrament isn't my usual habit, but I told her I had a translator app and fished my phone out and looked it up. She softly chuckled, and we went back to enjoying the talk without that question lingering and distracting us.

Incidentally, that missionary was later confused for my husband, circumstantially. Also, doves=palomas and lungs=pulmones. Totally understandable mistake.

I looked up something on IMDB for Sisterpants during a movie (yes, the Jonas Brothers ARE playing the Cupids in Night at the Museum 2) instead of after. Brotherface downloaded a game to play on the drive back from our aunt's house.

Obviously, I'm happy to spread the iPhone joy, but I've done some pretty cool things for myself on it just today. I ordered my H and I books from the app while waiting for my flight. And! I'm posting this at 30,000 feet!

Free trial Onboard wi-fi + iPhone = Love

Even though I'm a little bummed the flight attendant woke me up from a perfectly good nap and there is no way I'm falling back asleep, at least I have the Internet to entertain me for the next two hours! And books. Always books.

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