Sunday, August 10, 2008

If only it was Saturday

Oh wait! It was! And it was a pretty rad Saturday at that.

First, however, I want to address last night's Olympic Opening Ceremonies. How awesome were those!? Amazing spectacle, precision, history, and spirit! I love the Olympics, and the Opening Ceremonies are one of my favorite parts. There may have even been a little tearing up. I plan on having the tv tuned to NBC for the next 17 days.

Now onto Saturday. As of Thursday, when I turned in my final project and made my class presentation for my Summer II class, I am officially halfway through with my grad program. 18 credits down, 18 to go. YAY!!!! The class presentation was a little strange. My class met through Adobe Connect, so I made my presentation to my laptop, whilst sitting cross-legged on my bed. My classmates responded by typing into the chat window. I've never met these people, so it felt like I was presenting to no one. I just hope it went well. I should get my grades next week.

To reward myself, I took today off. I gave myself permission to relax and do whatever the heck I wanted to.

Things I Did Today:

  • Slept in until 2 PM. I guess I was tired, since I don't think I've done that in a very long time.
  • Read for awhile instead of getting right out of bed.
  • Ate two bowls of cereal - one of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, a smaller one of Honeycomb
  • Worked out
  • Watched the Olympics, including Michael Phelp's first gold of these games
  • Shopped, and walked aimlessly around the mall. I was only planning on stopping at LUSH, but I decided to just wander and browse for a while. Miraculously, I only spent about $20 more than I had intended.
  • Bought a skirt and a couple DVDs at Wal-mart. I usually avoid that store, but I was there for a specific purpose, and found a couple things I liked along the way.
  • Bought more clothes online. This is something I've been planning for a couple weeks, and I made my final decision today. One skirt and two shirts.
  • Found that I've lost a pound for every week of my family's fitness challenge. Two weeks - two pounds! I'm hoping to step it up even more next week, which should improve things even more.
  • Found my paring knife. The thought of losing one of my beautiful kitchen knives almost gave me a heart attack.
  • Admired my calf muscles. Seriously.
Things I Did NOT Do Today:

  • Clean or fix anything around the house, as much as they made be needed.
  • Check Blackboard for anything school related.
  • Worry about anything school related.
  • Eat a German Chocolate cupcake from Cake Love. I was in line to buy one, but stood in the line long enough to talk myself out of it, and I got to stay under my dessert calorie quota for the day.
  • Make my bed. I am not Fran's great-grandmother.
  • Buy new planner pages, due to a lack of feminine planner pages that I liked in the size I needed. Lame.
  • Find the flannel I went to Wal-Mart for. Eilonwy's the awesomest for telling me about it though. I'll have to send someone in Utah to get it.
  • Cook. I love cooking, but I avoided it today.
So, yeah. My day rocked. I hope yours did too.


Fran said...

hahahahaha. There is nothing wrong with being my great-grandmother! ;) But, seriously, as I was standing there, spraying starch on my sheet, I thought "who am I? My great-grandmother?" I swear that sheet came out of the package creased. ;) I'm glad you had a good Saturday! Yay weekends! <3

Jasmine said...

How 'bout that men's swimming relay! That's pretty much the coolest race I've seen so far in the olympics. :) (The best part is that the USA kicked France's trash!)

AmandaStretch said...

Oh I know! Most stressful four minutes of my life! And I've decided I need to drive up to Baltimore and try to score a date with Mr. Phelps. :)